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              COMPANY PROFILE











              COMPANY PROFILE








                      Tian Jin New AL-ONE Tech Co., Ltd. Tianjin TEDA (Former name: AL-ONE Chemical-engineering Tech. Co., Ltd. TianJin TEDA)is a sole-invested high-tech and professional company registered in Tianjin BinHai Economic Development Area(TEDA).  Its main business is to produce and sell anodic eletrodeposition paint for aluminum materials.  In 2012, Tianjin New AL-ONE co-invested a paint factory with Japan Kansai Paint Co. Ltd, which located in SanShui DaTang Industrial Park, Foshan, Guangdong Province. This joint venture produces Japan Kansai gloss and matt(include clear and colour )eletrodeposition paint, a kind of paint with independent intellectual property right and with all raw materials originally imported from Japan. 

                      Tianjin New AL-ONE boasts of many experienced professional high-tech experts and a top-level test laboratory in the field of aluminum industry. Our team is composed of 12 senior engineers and a technology development team with equipments imported from Japan for product analysis and test. Advanced technology and strict quality control guarantee our products to be the best eletrodeposition paint in China. We also offer comprehensive technical support with high-quality pre-sale, sale and after-sale service. The performance of combined coating all reached the highest-class in China Standard, Japan Standard as well as International Standard.





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